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Miss Coco Puff


I’m a cute Chiweenie, which is a mix of half Dachshund and half Chihuahua.  I was one of four puppies that needed a home and although I was the runt of the litter and the only color of auburn fur, I found a  loving, wonderful home in Beverly Hills.  I love to play, have fun, and always am interested in the latest trends in doggie fashion couture.  I have been filmed and photographed numerous times by several news and television organizations from around the world and have even been shown on Animal Planet's - Who Let the Dogs Out, Nokia's Canine Christmas, Hallmark Channel's Home and Family Show, and most recently on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.   With my repertoire of over 40 commands, I became a Licensed Service Animal for my Mommie.  My favorite activities include shopping for bargains and sniffing out a deal or two on Rodeo Drive and posing for photos for my pawesome fans. 



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